Monday, October 17, 2011

Glinda’s Belt

Craving more attention, Glinda had a recent breakdown. One day last week, I got a lunchtime phone call from Victoria, “My car’s belt broke, and I don’t remember how to fix it.” Glinda’s timing was good in that I could slip away from the office and help Victoria and not mess with my desire to put in as many hours as possible at my desk (read overtime $). I arrived at the scene of the breakage and since Victoria’s original trip purpose was to get Mikhaila from school, I gave her the Suburban while I installed the new belt. I would have rather directed her in the repair, I didn’t want to incur the after-school care charge Mikhaila’s school may have stuck me with.

With the replacement belt from the trunk – a brand-new Clark’s belt, two wrenches from the glovebox – 7/16ths for the belt guards and 9/16ths for the two idler nuts, and about twenty minutes of labor, I was wiping the grease off my hands and then heading down the road. Now I just need to remember to check the tension after a few days.

Other than this event, she’s been quite dependable. I pray this continues. I did notice, however, on the one day I drove her to work and back that the front steering is quite loose, so I’ll the couple minutes and adjust the “tightness” setting the next opportunity I have.

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