Thursday, April 12, 2012

All Wired Up

Last evening I stopped by Home Depot and bought a 20 Amp circuit breaker for the panel in the garage (the compressor draws 14 Amps at startup). Once home, I ran the Romex and hooked one end to the new breaker and panel and closed off panel. That allowed me to turn the power on to the garage again and work by something other than my new battery-powered worklight. The trickiest part of running the Romex was routing it around the beer bottle collection and not break anything. Out in the shed I screwed the service box to the brick wall and installed the receptacle. I’m ready to move the compressor out there now, but I still need to get some chain to anchor the compressor to the shed studs before I’m willing to move it out of the locked garage. I also need to get the fittings and hose to reattach the compressor’s outlet to the inlet of my garage air plumbing.

Here's what the new-to-me compressor looks like. Happy Birthday to me from my parents and the in-laws.

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