Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finally got the Right Squish

After a quick dinner, I was in the garage by 7 and back at work on Ringo’s engine. I completed the tear down of the engine by removing the last bolts/nuts holding the two block halves together. With the left block half and the camshaft out of the way, I assembled the #6 rod to its crankshaft journal with a new bearing and a short length of plasti-gauge. After torquing the nuts to about 250 inch-pounds, I then removed them and pulled off the cap. The plasti-gauge showed a clearance of about .005 – far more than the spec allows. At this point, it was plain that the crankshaft I’d installed was too worn to re-use as-is. I re-measured the journal and found it was about .002 undersize. I went to my stash of parts and pulled out the nicer looking of the two cranks sitting on the floor (the one from the York 110 HP engine). I measured a few of the journals and they all came in at the spec’s 1.800 to 1.799 (most closer to the 1.800). I wiped down all the journals and replaced the bad crank with this new candidate. I re-did the plasti-gauge with the #6 rock and got a clearance measurement of slightly less than .002 – well within the spec’s .0007 to .0023 target for new bearings. Success! I plasti-gauged the rest of the rods and all fell nicely within the spec limits.

Next, leaving the used bearings in place, I laid pieces of plasti-gauge over the four main journals and mated the left block half back against the right one. I only got a few of the bolts put in before I called it a night.

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