Monday, April 16, 2012

Here We Go Again

My pleasant prelude to Corvair work was a nice drive with Mikhaila down to Waldorf. Our purpose was to cover up the two convertibles with tarps so they are protected until I’m able to get them up to Baltimore. It was also an opportunity for Mikhaila to check out the yellow ‘vert we’re seriously considering as our father-daughter project car.

Then, Saturday morning early I drove up to PA to buy a welder. I got what I believe to be a great deal. I traded the older 25 gallon compressor and $250 for a Lincoln MIG Pro-140 welder with a large CO2/Argon tank and a mask. All I need to be able to make molten metal again is a pair of gloves.

Déjà vu #1: The weekend was spent removing Ringo’s drivetrain, splitting the transaxle from the engine, mounting the engine on the engine stand, and tearing the engine down. All experiences I’d recently gone through. How far did I get? I’m about two hours away from having loose rods, crank, and block halves to measure.

Déjà vu #2: Around 11:30 last night Ariel was leaving her friend’s house in PA when Lucy decided to empty a portion of her crankcase’s lifeblood (oil) onto the girl’s driveway. According to Ariel, it’s another failed Clark’s oil filter. Irr. I’ve ordered a couple Purolator filters that will be available tomorrow morning, but I’m having trouble working around Ariel’s very busy schedule. I really want to get Ringo’s engine torn down and measured so I can get the bearings on order. Fortunately the car is not in a location where it risks being towed or ticketed. Also, Ariel can take the bus to work, but I need to get up there before Saturday since that’s when she needs the car.

Fortunately, there was a pleasant postlude to the weekend as well. Victoria and I drove up to northern Maryland and checked out a ’66 convertible a fellow club member is selling. The positives: it started right up, ran fairly smoothly, the brakes work, the electrical appear to still be functioning properly, it’s got cool 14“ wheels, and the deal includes a new top (in the box) as well as nearly any part I’d need to finish the car from the seller’s vast collection of used parts. The negatives: it needs some rust repair (floors, lower fenders, rocker panel), the top installed, the seats upholstered, and new paint laid down. However, it won’t take too much to make it a safely drivable car for Victoria to enjoy this summer.

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