Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It’s Good to be Round

Last night I finished tearing down Ringo’s new engine. I carefully measured the six rod journals on the crank and saw 1.799 on all six. The spec. on them is 1.800 to 1.799, so the crank is good to use as-is. Next, I used an internal snap-gauge to determine if the rod bores are still round. My unprofessional, yet steady hand found the minimum measurement, locked the gauge, and then rotated it around the bore to ensure the same dimension at all points. I’m satisfied that all six are still round and extremely close to each other in diameter. The manual doesn’t have a spec. on the actual dimension, but since this is a non-wearing surface, I’m fairly confident (read: prayerfully hopeful) that they are the proper size. I started to take apart the block so I could access the main journals and bearings, but ran out of steam around 10 PM.

I’ve placed an order with Jeff at the Corvair Ranch for new bearing sets for both the rods and the mains. I’m getting the standard size since what I’ve been able to measure indicates little to no wear. Before final installation, I’ll use Plasti-gauge to ensure the proper clearances.

Speaking of the Ranch, this afternoon will be a road trip for me. My first stop will be Millersville, PA to get Lucy back on the road. After that I’ll drive straight to the Corvair Ranch to pick up my order which, in addition to the bearings, includes the oil pan and top cover gaskets I need to put Ringo’s engine back together. Then, I’m hoping to make a final stop at fellow club member’s house pick up a GUP exhaust pipe for Ringo. Heidi’s got a full tank of gas and the sky is blue, so it should be an enjoyable top-down adventure.

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