Thursday, April 5, 2012

Serendipity is Good

The other day, I wrote about searching for the frustrating, yet elusive, backlight leak. Well, last night we were back at it. Rather than seal off Ringo’s entire salon, the lovely Loriann came up with the idea of using a sheet of plastic to just seal off the backlight area and pressurize the volume with the shop-vac. So, we carefully taped up sheet of plastic with a hose leading into it. I sprayed the soapy water and absolutely no bubbles appeared on the outside, but soapy water did appear on the inside. I pulled off the plastic and sopped up the puddle. I just had to find the leak since I’d just sealed up all the places where the water could drain out. I decided to blow dry the inside surfaces so I could carefully spray water on the outside until it appeared on the inside. As I was blowing around the bottom corner lo-and-behold bubbles were quickly forming on the outside. I’d found the leak. It was the joint between the rubber weather strip and the body pinchweld. After the lovely Loriann came out to see, we decided the best approach to sealing would be to put a bead of black silicone on the inside where the rubber hadn’t overlapped the pinchweld enough.

With that bit of success, I grabbed a wire brush and attempted to expose the threads on the tie-rods. The grunge caked over these steering bits was pretty tough, so it took some serious swiping before the metal was exposed. Next I squirted some homemade penetrating fluid (½ ATF with ½ Acetone). I’ll be checking the toe-in and adjusting if necessary in the near future.

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