Monday, April 23, 2012

A Morning with Lucy

Well, part of a morning. With all the rain and Ringo hogging the garage, I had to deal with some Lucy issues before Ariel drove her back to PA. I replaced the oil filter with a Purolator, tucked the plastic sheeting that protects the driver’s door panel back into its slot, adjusted the blinker switch to make both directions work, and tweaked the connector at the hi-beam switch to get the headlights functional again. All that took a little over thirty minutes, so I didn’t show up to work too late.

How does Lucy reward me for that attention? I just got a call from Ariel. She turned the key this afternoon to drive the car to work and nothing happened – no click from the solenoid, no idiot lights, nothing. This had to happen AFTER she’d been driven ninety plus miles away.

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