Monday, April 30, 2012

The Latest on Ringo

Friday evening I undertook a couple of the final items on Ringo’s to-do list. I installed the recently received GUP muffler from the Corvair Ranch. This was not without its opportunity to be creative since EMs were originally equipped with cylindrical mufflers while all Jeff could sell me was an oval one as used on the LM cars. Fortunately I had the hardware and hanger and had the replacement installed without any spilt blood. The second task was locating and sealing the stubborn backlight leak. After spraying soapy water along the bottom left corner of the glass, I blew air from the inside until bubbles appeared. It wasn’t until I’d moved the nozzle of the blower just past the end of the previously applied silicone that the sudsing started. I wiped everything down and continued the previous bead nearly all the way across the bottom of the weatherstripping. There’s rain in the forecast, so we’ll see if I’m finally successful in keeping out the elements.

Saturday afternoon I swapped the right rear tire off Ringo with one off Heidi. I am trying to isolate which tire (if any) is causing the nasty vibration at highway speeds. I started with this tire since there’s a slight bump in the sidewall that may be signaling the failure of this tire. This morning the drive to work was much better, so maybe I’ve found the culprit. Now on to getting a replacement.

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