Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Fantastic Father’s Day Weekend

Because my family kept me quite busy with fun F-day activities, I didn’t get much time for the cars – and that was just fine with me.

Friday evening I addressed two issues that Ariel and Victoria brought to my attention. Ringo’s speedo has gone wacko. It’s like it’s sticking. It’ll get stuck at certain speeds and then slowly rise up to what feels like the right speed and then stay there. I unscrewed the cable end from the speedometer and squirted (squort?) some WD-40 into the speedo’s shaft. Sadly, the test drive the next morning revealed I hadn’t fixed the problem. Oh well, that’s why I have spares on the shelf. Not that I’m looking forward to replacing the gauge cluster again, but this time I'll try a different fuel gauge since the one I'd put in before is not registering FULL when the tank's full.

Glinda’s problem was the muffler strap had come loose. I removed it, re-bent the end so that it would fit more snugly around the muffler, and re-installed it. Now, only time, and bumpy roads, will prove out the effectiveness of the fix.

Sunday afternoon, Victoria joined me in the garage for some overdue work on Luna. I had bought some buffing cream and she was dying to bring some life back to the oxidized paint. While she had fun with that task, I attempted to deal with the broken seat-mounting bolt. Carefully working my way up in diameter, things were going well until the ¼ inch bit busted off in the hole. The only fix for that failure is to pound out the weld-nut and replace it. A few whacks with the hand-sledge onto a well-placed punch and the nut was rattling free. Putting in a replacement will be tricky.

I then pulled back the carpet to reveal the lack of footwell for the driver. That will have to be dealt with before Luna is safe for the road.

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