Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rough Running Repaired…

…and I didn’t even leave the car. I’ve noticed more and more lately that members of the fleet are developing a rough-running condition – ethanol perhaps? Glinda had the problem a couple weeks ago, and Ringo came down with the illness during his drive home from PA last weekend. In both cases, the problem went away after I caused the venturi in each carb to develop a high vacuum supposedly sucking away whatever was causing the issue. For Glinda, this was accomplished by putting my hand over the carb’s throat and revving the engine. This afternoon, for Ringo, I put the shifter into Low while going around 20, floored the gas until we were doing around 35, and then immediately let up on the throttle. Lo and behold his idle smoothed right and the surging went away. Then I fixed his non-blinking blinkers by removing the blinker unit from the fuse block and reinserting it a few times until it worked again. Two fixes and I didn’t even loosen my seatbelt!

Last evening I got Heidi’s left front blinker to illuminate – slight corrosion on the socket contact. Now she is the only member of the fleet to be without an entry on the to-do list. Wonder how long that’ll last. Actually, I should add touch up paint and Armor-all top to her list. Darn, that didn’t last long.

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