Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glinda Garners My Attention (and some new parts)

Last night I intended to spend a half-hour or so on Glinda before moving on to Luna’s driver’s footwell replacement, but that plan didn’t pan out. Instead I spent all my ‘vair-time on Glinda. First, I finally changed the oil and filter making sure the filter torque was the 15-20 ft-lbs the manual specifies. It seems like a lot, but I don’t want any repeats of the Lucy leaky filter debacle.

The next tasks for Glinda was replacing the distributor plate assembly with the re-worked one I’d recently bought from Clark’s. In addition to a new points plate (one that won’t shift with changes in vacuum advance), they add a ground wire that make performance more reliable. Surprisingly, when I removed the distributor cap, it came off in two pieces. Not sure how this happened or how Glinda was able to run so well with a busted cap.

The last engine job was blocking off the hole in the shroud between the fan outlet plenum and the engine compartment. When Glinda came off the GM assembly line, she was equipped with the requisite pollution controls which included an AIR pump and the associated plumbing as shown in red and blue in the drawing at the top of this post. It’s the hole for the blue hose that was causing a LOT of HOT air to be blown into the engine compartment. This impeded the outside, cooler air from being sucked into the compartment resulting in a higher operating temperature for the engine – not conducive to ping-free running in the hot Baltimore summer. I cut out a simple cover from a piece of thin sheetmetal, formed a small flange to mate up against the vertical wall of the shroud, and match-drilled two holes for sheetmetal screws. After squirting a bead of hi-temp RTV around the hole, I screwed down the cover and called it a day.

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