Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luna Work Back on Track

Since last evening was Girl Scout night for the lovely Loriann and Mikhaila, it was garage night for me. First, however, I had to make a run to Home Depot to buy long #10 screws so I could pull Luna’s steering wheel off and insert the neglected spring. With the right hardware, the wheel came off easily and reassembly re-commenced. The horn setup is different from EMs and also not original to this car, and I believe some kludging had occurred in the modification. Once I figured out how it was supposed to go together, I had the task completed in short order - and the horn actually blew when I pressed the center cap.

Next I applied my attention to the mounting of the driver’s seat. A new bottom was included with the purchase of the car to replace the failed existing one. I liberally applied WD-40 to the four fastneners that secure the seat base to the car’s floor. I was able to safely remove the one nut, but the three bolts would not budge. Afraid of torquing off the heads, I applied the good stuff (the 50-50 Acetone/ATF mixture) and decided to let the threads soak for a day or so before re-trying. In the meantime I removed the driver’s sill plate to give Victoria the access she needs to remove the air-vent.

Finally, I polished the pulley surfaces in Ringo’s engine. With the engine running, I carefully applied a scotchbrite pad to the grooves of the alternator and idler pulleys. Hopefully, this will prevent any more premature wearing on the new belt I’d recently installed. Fingers are crossed.

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