Friday, June 22, 2012

Ringo Repairs

When last I reported on Ringo’s behavior, there was a balky speedometer. I had attempted to make it work again by spraying the shaft with WD-40. At first, this didn’t seem to work since Ariel was still not seeing proper needle movement. Yesterday, since she had to drive up to PA and the lovely Loriann was nice enough to loan her the PT Cruiser, I drove Ringo to work. Sure enough, during the morning commute the needle would not follow the road speed, but then, on the drive home, everything worked perfectly, and continued to work fine when Mikhaila and I drove him to the library that night.

One other issue Ariel had asked me to address was blinkers. They wouldn’t blink anymore. All that took was me reaching under the dash and fully seating the flasher unit into its two blade receptacles.

Quick (and effective) fixes are good fixes.

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