Friday, December 11, 2009

CPotD #14 (Wide, Open Spaces)

I went through the cars I’ve featured as CPotD, and I noticed the absence of a Corvan picture. The Corvan was Corvair’s version of an industrial delivery van and was part of the Corvair-95 family (so named for their 95 inch wheelbase) along with the Rampside, Loadside, and Greenbrier. Today’s CPotD is of a Corvan with the 8-door option. Standard would have been six doors - two front, two rear, and two on the passenger side. The image is courtesy of the New Jersey Association of Corvair Enthusiasts website, one of the many fine local chapters of CORSA. You can click here for more Corvan info at Rad Davis' excellent webpage detailing all the Corvair-95s.

At one point I lived next door to a real fleet mechanic (as opposed to a poser like myself). Whenever he saw my Corvair, he was inspired to share any one of the many stories about the Corvans and Loadsides he’d had the displeasure to work on. One of the major repairs he had to lot of was replacing the rear axle bearings. He’d tell me how good he'd gotten at pulling axles, then he’d always end his account by saying something like, “they were actually pretty good trucks, but the stupid customers would always overload the hell out of them.”

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