Friday, December 18, 2009

CPotD #19 (Spring is Only a Few Months Away)

With a snowy weekend forecasted for Baltimore, I needed a photo like this to give me the impetus to fire up the heaters in the garage and keep wrenching on my track car.

Many of you have heard of Yenkos. Yenko Camaros. Yenko Novas. Yenko Chevelles. Yenko Stingers.

Yenko Stingers? What’s a Yenko Stinger?

A Yenko Stinger is a modified Late Model Corvair and Charlie Doerge's website is chock full of Stinger info.
Today’s CPotD (courtesy of the NECC website) is of Dave Edsinger’s beautiful (and wickedly quick) YS-018.

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