Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CPotD #17 (Must've Been a Big Shoehorn)

There have been many creative people who’ve stuffed a V8 engine into their Corvair. Back in the day, at least two companies, Crown and Kelmark, made kits to install a small block Chevy into a Late Model car right in front of the rear differential. Since that was also the location of the rear seat, these V8 Vairs became two-seaters. Others have transplanted entire V8 drivetrains from front wheel drive cars like the Cadillac STS and Oldsmobile Toronado into the stock engine bay, thus retaining the rear seat. Few, however, have successfully squeezed a small block Chevy into the engine compartment of an Early Model.

Today’s CPotD presents the creation of one of those skilled people. Clicking here will take you to the V8 Vairs webpage detailing how Marvin Bookman accomplished this impressive feat.

The engine compartment is amazingly sparse, and I love how he retained the classic Chevy engine orange.

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