Monday, December 14, 2009

CPotD #15 (Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures)

This CPotD illustrates one way to get a parted-out 4-door to the Corvair Ranch. When I jumped on the offer of a free ’64, I assumed Jeff would be able to come by and fetch the carcass, sans suspension, when I was done playing vulture. He couldn’t since someone made him an offer he couldn’t refuse on his rollup. Without wheels, this car was unsuitable to tow behind the Suburban, so I had to be creative. Since I’ve got a 4X8 utility trailer, and I believed the weight of the 4-door shell wouldn’t exceed its limit, I decided to do what had to be done to get it to its final resting place.

After pulling out the drivetrain and suspension, I unbolted and removed everything I could from the body. The seats, doors, windows, engine lid, trunk lid, and steering column were hauled up to Gettysburg first.

Then I gave Victoria gloves, goggles, and my Sawzall and told her to cut the car in half, but leave all her body parts attached. She did a great job. Don’t worry, I did remove all the chrome before she went crazy with the saw. Here's more of the story on my old blog.

The final trip to the Corvair Ranch was made pulling the trailer loaded as shown in today’s CPotD. When I arrived I noted the load had only shifted slightly rearward.
Here's some more links on the story of the red 4-door:

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