Friday, June 4, 2010

Lucy’s New Glovebox Goes In

I don’t like having GUPs lie around. Especially those that don’t take much time to install. I’ve had a new glovebox from the Corvair Ranch for nearly a month while Lucy’s old glovebox was dangling by a shred. Last night I decided to take my stubby Phillips screwdriver and make the long-overdue remove and replace (R&R added to sidebar). The old one came out in pieces easily enough, but maneuvering the new one into place was a bit of a bear. I ended up removing the fresh air vent cable mount so I could move the defroster tube out of the way. After what seemed like a half-hour of finagling, it was finally in place. After installing the four retention screws, the job was complete.

This weekend will be a tricky balance of yard-work (spreading mulch), Glinda-work (sealing the windshield and backlight), and Lucy-work (valance patching and o-ring R&R). Will see how successful I am come Monday.

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