Monday, June 28, 2010

CPotD #117 (Missing Numbers)

Today is Motor Monday, and with an active thread on the CorvairCenter forum called “Painted Engine Pics,” it was pretty easy to come up with a suitable CPotD. The one I chose is unique in at least a couple of ways. First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this color applied to an engine before. Second, I can’t remember ever seeing the engine cover’s embossed numbers and letters painted with a separate color. The latter caused me to immediately notice that a couple of the cylinder numbers are missing. Around 1964, Chevy added two new parts intended to prevent fanbelt failure. One is at the idler and the other is on the left side of the fan pulley. To mount the latter, they had to change the engine cover and removed the number 3. It’s the other missing number that caught me by surprise. Amazingly, after all the times I’ve stared at the Corvair I’d never noticed that there’s no Number 2.

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