Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Metal On, Metal Off

Owning and renovating old houses like my lovely wife and I have been doing for the past twenty-plus years has provided many, many opportunities to hang and finish drywall. The process for me is always the same; put on a lot of joint compound and sand most of it off. The lovely Loriann is a much better applier of the mud, so I’ve got less to sand when she’s been involved. Sadly, she doesn’t do ceilings.

Last night I spent over a half-hour grinding off excess weld metal around Lucy’s new valence patch. Like drywall finishing, the putting on is far more fun than the taking off, but it’s also a far more delicate skill. I kept wondering if I had done a better job of welding, would I spend a lot less time grinding. If I were an artist, like my skillful spouse, would the metal off part of bodywork be a breeze?

I wonder if she’d like another hobby.

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