Monday, June 7, 2010

Two in the Fleet Get Some Attention

It was a nice weekend - a healthy mix of family-time, yard-time, house-time, my-time and car-time. Since this blog is about the cars, I won’t bore you with details about spreading mulching, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

Saturday afternoon I installed the engine from Old Betty into New Betty. That went very easily since I didn’t have to deal with an input shaft –just bolting the bellhousing to the differential and then the two nuts of the rear engine mount and Bob’s your uncle. Then, to clear excess parts from the garage, I filled the engine compartment with a bunch of bits I’d pulled off Old Betty including brake assemblies and taillights.

Yesterday afternoon I worked on Glinda. I decided to downsize my patching projects. Previously I’d planned on replacing pretty significantly sized areas, but once I’d cut out and evaluated the panels from Old Betty, that didn’t make sense. The new plan is to replace only those areas rusted out, and not include the areas where Bondo was used. The Bondo is in good shape, so I’ll not mess with it. I cut the rusted areas from the front of the right rocker panel and the top of the left front fender and then cut out the patches from the Old Betty pieces. All that went well. I gave Victoria instructions as to how she should clean out the volumes behind the patches and give them a good couple of coats of Rusty Metal Primer. I’ve still got four more areas that need to be cut out and patches cut before I start welding.

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