Monday, June 28, 2010

A Medley of Metalwork

Yesterday was a productive day, car-wise, for Victoria and I. We spent a couple hours working on Glinda with Victoria making patterns from cardboard that I then used to cut out patches from the panels I’d cut off Old Betty. With all the patches cut and trimmed to fit their respective openings, I set them aside for Victoria to clean up with the wire wheel on my grinder. She’d left for a babysitting job by then, so I moved on to the second patch on Lucy’s front valence. I fashioned a pattern from taped together pieces of file folder paper and transferred the outline to a portion of rear fender from Old Betty. With my vise I bent the pinchweld flange, and then with a pipe and a couple 2X4s, I was formed the curve into the nearly flat piece of metal. Once shaped, I could trim the edges to fit the opening. Using my drillpress I put in a series of holes for plug welds to the pinchweld. On to the grinder to remove burrs, and then over to the wire wheel to get rid of the paint and primer from around the edges that would see the welds. Out to the driveway and the backside of the patch got a heavy coat of galvanizing primer. With magnets and a couple of vise grips, the patch was in place ready to attach with molten metal. Out came the welder with the result shown below. At that point it was time to knock off for the day.
With Brianna and Nich visiting next weekend, there’s an urgency to finish this project and get Lucy’s front bumper back on. We’re trading cars so I can put a new paintjob on Heidi next month. Still on Lucy’s punchlist is finding and fixing the annoying oil leak. For a while I thought it was a leaky pushrod oil drain tube o-ring, but closer inspection the other day has me now thinking it’s a failing top engine cover gasket. To fix that, I’ll need to remove a bunch of parts to get the fan cover off. Hopefully, it’s something as simple as tightening a loose bolt or two. If I have to replace a gasket, it’s actually two and a lot of work scraping the old gaskets off.

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