Thursday, June 17, 2010

CPotD #111 (Plenty of This in My Future)

Today's CPotD is inspiring me to get excited about my long list of MIG welding projects. I saw the photo on a Corvair Forum thread about someone parting out a couple of EMs. Looks like I'll be one of the partees since I've been in contact with the parter to set up an appointment for this Saturday. I'm in desperate need of a cheap, but solid front valance for Heidi, and this guy's shell is supposed to be "very solid and straight", and the price is right if I do the cutting myself.

Ahead of Heidi, however, are Lucy's valance project where I'll cut and form my own patches and Glinda's array of patching of which I still need to cut the patches from panels gleaned from Old Betty. At my day job, a backlog is a blessing. Not so much for my job of fleet maintainer.

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