Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CPotD #181 (Such A Funny Car)

With the cold months comes race car preparation. Many builders will be making some significant modifications, but I bet, come spring, no one will unveil anything like the Flying Texan. I’ve seen quite a few photos of LM funny cars, but never an EM before today. This one is definitely CPotD worthy for Track Day Tuesday. The H.A.M.B. forum on JalopyJournal.com has an awesome thread filled with Corvair funny car photos. Check it out.

Two things prompted me to post an EM drag car. First was a recent upload of a bunch of vintage Corvair photos to the Fastvair Yahoo group. A photo of this car was one of the only EMs in the batch. Second was a reminder of next year’s Corvair Olympics. This will be my one track event for the 2011, and I’m counting the months. I’ll have my first opportunities at autocross and drag racing. The latter of which, I’ll be entering with much trepidation. While I’d love to really push Lucy, my preservation instinct will take over and there won’t be any clutch dumping at 3500 rpm. That way I can be assured of having a drivable car the next day at the road course event.

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