Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wet Rug Woes

Yesterday was the first rain we’ve had since Glinda was evicted from the garage. Sadly and frustratingly, my efforts at sealing were inadequate. The front floor was soaking wet. With light in hand I peered up under the dash to find any and all telltale drops and trails. What I saw was disheartening. There is a seam far up and from it hung a significant number of drops. The seam is so far up and buried that getting silicone RTV along its entire length is not feasible. It will have to be sealed from above – above being the windshield channel. In preparation for that, I pulled the chrome trim strips off. I need to let everything dry, so application won’t occur until this evening.

I couldn’t see any evidence of leaking around the air vent panels, but I needed to pull the passenger one off anyway to route the stereo wires. Even though I destroyed the caulk I’d just put the other day, it was worth it with the verification that no water got by. I pulled the door sill and the rear seat sill off, and will finish the routing and the reinstallation once everything is dry.

In order to get the rear seat sill off, I needed to remove the rear seat bottom. That’s when I found more puddles. I did some close examination and discovered some water trails from the bottom corners of the backlight. More caulk will need to go in that channel too, so I pulled those strips off as well.

I brought the caulk and silicone into the house with me when I quit for the evening. Now it will all be warm and squeezable tonight.

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