Friday, November 12, 2010

JB Weld Runs

Last night I mixed up a batch of JB Weld to plug the hole in Glinda’s rear engine housing and applied it. It promptly did what I was warned it would do. It slowly succumbed to gravity. Using a piece of duct tape, I formed a dam to keep it somewhat in place. I only put enough to partially cover the hole. I got the slow-curing kind per the recommendations of those who posted responses to my thread on the CorvairCenter forum, so it would be a few hours before a subsequent amount could be put on.

Since I was already dirty, I went ahead and disassembled the two carburetors I’d bought from the guy in Frostburg back in June. With liberal applications of my 50/50 penetrating concoction, I was able to get all the fasteners out except for the tiny ones that hold the throttle and choke plates on. They are too small for me to mess with. Each carb’s throttle shaft is seized, but I’m hoping that an overnight soak in carb cleaner will free them up. If not, more 50/50 will be used until they’re freed up. One of the carbs major pieces went into the can of cleaner before I called it a night.

This morning, I put some more JB Weld on, and it looks like a couple more sessions will be required.

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