Monday, November 22, 2010

CPotD #184 (Italian-made, German-used, Corvair-installed)

My buddy, Jonathan, has a beautiful Track/Street LM that I’ve featured a few times as CPotD. His car is powered by a Corvair engine, but it’s far from stock. In addition to running larger diameter pistons/cylinders, he uses two 3-barrel Weber carburetors to mix and meter the fuel.

Weber is an Italian company currently owned by Fiat. Many different Weber carbs have appeared on many different cars. Jonathan’s came from a Porsche 911 he found sitting in a junkyard. In order to mount this radically different form of carburetion, the heads have to machined and adapters installed.

Today’s CPotD was taken from a thread on the CorvairCenter forum all about Weber carburetion. Pictured is the skillfully modified engine in Kevin “Unsafe” Willson’s ’65 Monza. I have enough trouble keeping two stock Rochester’s running right; I couldn’t imagine how much “fun” I’d have with a pair of temperamental Italian assemblies under the engine lid.

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