Thursday, November 18, 2010

Only a Slight Warning

A few days ago, while driving Glinda, I heard a new noise from her engine area. I listened under the car and decided it was coming from the driver’s side exhaust pipe-to-manifold area. I figured all the removing and reinstalling I’d done on the exhaust system had taken its toll on the gasket. Having replacement for both sides, I put that task on the to-do list.

This morning, Victoria’s school was shut down due to a water issue, and all the students were dismissed at 11 AM. At 11:14, my cellphone rang with Victoria calling me. She explained that the exhaust was dragging on the ground. Specifically, the driver’s side end of the pipe. She’d immediately pulled far off the interstate and asked me if she should call her mom to bring her a ride. I sighed and said yes. A few minutes later, I received the following text message from the lovely Loriann, “I’m gonna blow the damn car up!” Needless to say her patience is wearing thin. I completely understand and share her frustration.

This evening she and I will drive out to the car (Victoria’s babysitting), I’ll wire up the pipe end so it’s not dragging and drive it home. I’ve got at least one GUP exhaust system in the garage. My evening is planned.

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