Monday, November 22, 2010

Glinda’s Leaks Continue To Frustrate

Yesterday Victoria and I teamed up on testing my last sealing attempts. While I peered up from under the dash, she selectively sprinkled water first into the air grill and then around the windshield. Glinda passed the first test, but miserably failed the second. As soon as the water hit either of the bottom corners of the glass, it trickled into the car. More RTV is required to seal off the two drain holes in the channel. It’s a trade-off since Chevy put those drain holes in for a reason, but since I can’t seal the seams from the inside, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that our metal coating in the channel keeps the standing water from rusting the steel.

The backlight was a different story. There, when she aimed the stream at the edge of the glass, the water came past the joint and into the car. These leaks require more RTV in the channel all the way around.

To give me the necessary access, I had to pull the trim off AGAIN. I couldn’t apply the RTV right then since everything was too wet. Hopefully, I can do it this evening so we can test again Tuesday. This is NOT fun.

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