Friday, September 16, 2011

Bare Metal Gone

Last night I wanted to blow off fleet maintenance, but the lovely Loriann gently urged me to visit the garage. I’m glad she did because I passed another milestone. The rusted metal is now encapsulated by two coats of POR-15. I did a thorough inspection of Ringo’s exterior to ensure all the rust spots were properly prepped for painting. Then, with gloves donned, I opened my last jelly jar of POR-15 and proceeded to paint the backlight opening, the trunk lid underside and edges, the rusted portions of the front panel and valence, the spot on the engine lid that had blistered from the fire, and assorted other spots on the car. While I waited for the first coat to flash off enough for the second coat, I installed the transmission cable with the recently received o-ring and tightened the parking brake cable. One more coat of POR-15 then went down before I turned out the lights.

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