Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Coat Down, One(?) More To Go

Well, I’m cautiously optimistic that last night’s application of Everglass body filler is Ringo’s last. I first sanded down the previous night’s coat noting that only four areas still needed some filling. Once the one batch of filler was mixed and applied, I moved on to other projects.

The first of which was the shifting issue. With Ringo’s rear end up on jackstands and mine on a piece of cardboard on the floor, I drained the transmission fluid and dropped the Powerglide’s pan. With the bottom-side guts exposed, it was easy to get the small ball on the end of the shifter cable properly inserted into its nifty little cage. Sadly, while pulling the cable back to do the reinsertion, the other end popped off the dash-mounted shifter sending the tiny e-clip off into oblivion. I tried for a few minutes to find it by dragging a magnet all across Ringo’s floor, but my only catch was grinding dust. Irr. Add another part to the list. After cleaning off the mounting flange of the pan, I used the last of the tube of RTV to put a fine coat of blue mush across the mating face. The air-wrench spun the dozen or so bolts back into place and a crescent wrench torqued down the dipstick tube retainer. Now I can safely run the engine without worrying about Ringo trying to take off down the driveway.

The second issue I addressed was the stretched parking brake cables. Fifty years of being pulled to lock the rear brakes has probably added a few inches to the overall length of these two cables. Rather than spend the $100 on new ones while these are still structurally sound, I decided to utilize a cable shortener I’d pulled off of one of the Corvairs I’ve parted out. I backed off the tensioning nut on the front-to-back cable and installed the shortener using all its shortening capability. I’ll make the final adjustment to the tensioning nut after Ringo’s on ramps since the dangling rear wheels have an effect on the length of the side-to-side cable.

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