Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Running out of Bondo Opportunities

Most of last evening was spent making dust from bodyfiller. I hit all the spots that I’d laid down the other night and found that I’m optimistically still looking at one more layer (realistically, two – really realistically, three). Each time, however, the number of spots that need more filler is reduced. One new thing I did last night was get out my profile sander and put back the grooves in the front valence I’d, for the most part, filled in when patching rust holes. It’s not perfect, but there’s consistency again.

With the sanding done, I wiped down the areas still needing more Everglass and mixed and applied a couple batches. Tonight I’ll sand them down and see where that leaves me.

After I was done doing the filler, I still had about a half-hour left of garage time, so I used it to clean the backlight of sealer. Now it’s ready for reinstallation once the paint job is complete.

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