Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tomorrow I May Make Dust, but Tonight I Bondo

Well, it wasn’t exactly Bondo brand body filler, it was Evercoat, but a facial tissue is still a Kleenex and Evercoat doesn’t work well as a verb. Before mixing up my first batch, though, I had to clear the workbench of carburetor stuff. I re-marked the “good” carb to “acc pump” and put it and an actual good assembly up on the shelf. I also stowed the box of gaskets and the container of extra parts. I didn’t keep count as to how many slighter-larger-than-a-golf-ball batches I made, but by the time I’d filled all the rust holes and paint-less divots, I had just about depleted the contents of the quart can. My eternal optimism causes me to feel confident I won’t need to buy another can, but I’ll only know that once all the sanding is done – and that will start this evening.

There’s no photos today since I am no artist with the spatula.

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