Thursday, July 1, 2010

CPotD #120 (Let's Take a Trip, Part Two)

After the bad press I may have given FCs the last week or so, I wanted to find a wonderful example of all that’s great about Greenbriers. Conveniently, Scott Howey, forum-master of, posted that today’s CPotD garnered the most votes for that forum’s Corvair of the Month competition. To quote the owner, Allen Bristow, it’s a “1964 Greenbrier factory camper package, TurtleTop pop top, custom roof rack 110 4speed.”

Takes me back to my childhood when my folks took my sister and I camping all over the western United States and Canada in a 1968 VW transporter we called “the bus.” I remember one trip into Canada where we traversed the Forestry Trunk Rd. There was, I recall, only one gas station roughly halfway down this isolated gravel track. We got a flat tire on the road, and the best the station could do for us was to put in a tube. Ah, very nice memories.

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