Wednesday, July 7, 2010

THE List

Brianna is getting married four weeks and three days from today. I know she does not want to be reminded of this since she and her fiancé are doing their own wedding planning and it’s quite stressful. I know my lovely wife does not want to be reminded of this since she is in the midst of sewing dresses, including the one for the “center of attention.” Now I get to join the group of those with 8/7 as an ominous deadline.

Yesterday morning Brianna and Nich drove off in Lucy while leaving me Heidi and her to-do list. Here it is:

Will I be able to check off everything? I hope and pray so. I got a good start last night by crossing off a couple items - low hanging fruit as it were. The intermittent stereo problem (speakers-wires) was fixed by doing a better job zip-tying the harness to the radio bracket. The brake lights issue required cleaning the two screws that ground the socket to the car body and the respective mating surfaces and then applying a conductive grease to prevent future corrosion.

Not on the list was the heater control. I noticed during yesterday’s commute in near-100 degree heat that the heater wasn’t completely shut off. Since my feet don’t need hot air blowing on them, that needed to be addressed. While I was under the dash for the radio fix, I detached the actuator cable from the control bracket and pulled hard on the cable end. This morning’s drive was heater-free.

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