Monday, July 19, 2010

Stripped Down and Ready

Heidi (the car) that is, although as hot as it’s been there were quite a few times this last weekend that I gladly would have stripped down and hopped into the kiddy pool my daughter’s cruelly put out on the back lawn to torment me.

I got up early Sunday morning to beat the heat and pulled the rest of Heidi’s trim off including the two fake air vents just behind the rear window. I had assumed they were screwed down so stuck my hand through the small opening in the engine firewall and felt the ends of the retaining prongs sticking though, but no nuts. With a metal scraper, I was finally able to work each piece off the car. I’ve actually removed more on this repaint than the first time Brianna and I did this.

With everything removed, I gave the car a thorough cleaning. Next on the schedule is sanding all the paint. Only the clearcoat needs to be removed; the rest of the paint just needs roughening up to give it some tooth for the primer. The progression of the next events is now set. Following sanding is an application of POR-15 over all the spots that show some semblance of rust, then a coat of their POR-15 primer. After that, I’ll prep and weld the patches in, grind down the welds, apply Bondo where necessary, sand, clean, shoot primer, sand again, clean again, shoot basecoat and clearcoat. Will I beat my 8/7 deadline? God only knows.

As you can see by the attached image, the primer and paint will be here tomorrow. Wish I was ready to shoot it.

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