Thursday, July 15, 2010

CPotD #128 (A Wow of a Wagon)

After yesterday’s CPotD, I wanted to find a CPotD for today that showcases the beauty of a Corvair wagon. Sam Russell has a gorgeous ’62 Monza wagon and fortunately he shared a bunch of photos on the CorvairForum. Here’s one of the few artsy shots. The others can be found by clicking here.

The color, Honduras Maroon, is also the color of the ’64 that sacrificed its front end for Heidi’s valance repair. That year, however, it was called Palomar Red. When I removed the front headlight buckets from the chopped off front panel, I was stunned by the new-looking condition of the paint that had been hidden for nearly fifty years. Ah, so many colors, so few cars.

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