Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CPotD #126 (Not Enough Racing Corvair 4-doors)

Since I’ve taken to the track in an early model, I’ve always admired the other EM racers. All of us love a challenge. It would be so much easier to start with a LM and its improved, Corvette-like suspension. Geoff Flynn has taken this challenge to a higher level with his ’64 Sedan. That’s right, a 4-door track car just like the NASCAR guys have to run! I’ve never seen another one. According to my 1961 shop manual, the 4-door only packed an additional thirty-two pounds, so starting with a “family” car isn’t really a penalty. I wonder if the cool overhanging roof helps or hurts the aerodynamics.

Today’s CPotD is the best of the NECC-posted photos of Geoff’s car. He and his car were also the subject of a feature article in Hemmings Muscle Machines. Here are some other shots of this unique racer.

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