Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freeing Up Space

Last evening the focus was on getting the compressor and garden stuff out of the garage, and I was successful. I first built some shelves in the new shed and promptly filled them with bags of potting soil, gloves, trash bags, and all the chemicals we have accumulated for keeping unwanted flora and fauna at bay. That cleared off two shelves in the garage. Then I rolled out the compressor and inserted it in the back corner of the shed. The moment of truth for the evening was rolling the lawn mower into its new parking spot and finding it fit just as planned - nicely nestled between the rototiller and the compressor.

With the compressor in place, I made measurements for pipe runs and completed my diagram and shopping list. Today, I’ll swing by Home Depot on my way home from buying the copper coils. I’ll be in the garage again this evening installing everything.

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