Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She’s Mostly Roughed Up

Last evening, between thunderstorms, I rolled Heidi out of the garage and, with my electric DA sander, roughed up as much of the paint as possible. I also hit the replacement engine lid with the sander. From sitting out in the, there’s some surface rust that I must make sure is neutralized before the coat of primer goes down. The flat disc was not real effective on all the inside curves, so this evening I’ll finish the job by hand :-(.

I created a schedule to see if the tasks I have left to do can be finished. Lo and behold, in all my optimistic-ness, I believe I can have the car painted by the end of this weekend. Yeah, it’s probably a dream, but it’s a dream I’m chasing. If I can get it done, then the paint has a week to cure before I reassemble trim. During that week I can tackle the rest of the items on the To-Do list.
  • Tue - Finish Sanding Current Paint & Mark for POR-15
  • Wed - POR-15 and Top-Coat Primer Rust Spots
  • Thu - Weld In Valance Patches
  • Fri - Grind Patches, Bondo, Sand
  • Sat - Clean, Mask, Spot-Shoot Epoxy Primer, Shoot 2k Primer
  • Sun - Sand Primer, Clean, Shoot Paint and Clearcoat

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