Friday, July 9, 2010

CPotD #124 (The Holy Grail Obtained)

I found it! A photo of a restored example of the rarest production Corvair – the ’62 Loadside. Only 369 were built that year. The next rarest model is the ’69 convertible at 521. The scene of today's CPotD is the economy run at this year’s CORSA Convention and again I must thank Scott Trunkhill for his photographer and webmaster skills. This one is a beautiful example for FC Friday and it’s not the only time it’s been featured.

Even though it's not nearly as practical (you can't even sweep the leaves out of the bed), I actually like the uniterupted lines of the Loadside's bed over the Rampside's. Will Mikhaila and I be able to produce a truck as stunning? Time will tell.

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