Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Patch Nearly Ready

No other vehicle troubles kept me from appointed duty last night – working on Heidi’s bodywork. I got the second valance patch cut out and fitted. I’m not really happy with the fit, so I’ll need to trim a little off to get it closer to perfect. I tried taking the paint and primer off with the wire wheel on my grinder, but didn’t make a lot of headway. After about ten minutes, I said, “Forget this frustration, I’m gonna’ sandblast these.”

Before my sandblaster can be effective, however, I need to take the time and money to install decent plumbing that will completely dry out the compressed air. Air directly from the compressor tank is too damp to use for sandblasting, or painting for that matter. My plan, shown in the photo for this entry, includes moving the compressor out to the new shed. I'll then connect the galvanized iron pipe to the compressor using a flexible hose. The pipe will come through the garage window, up the wall, along the top of the wall to a point near the center of the back wall. Then down the wall into a coil copper tubing that will sit in a five gallon bucket that I’ll fill with ice-water when I need the dry air. Out of the bucket the line turns back pipe and ends in a quick coupler to snap a hose into.

So, starting this evening, I’ll be moving things around, making measurements, finalizing the layout, and creating a Home Depot shopping list. Tomorrow, I’ll be buying copper tubing that I found on Craigslist.

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