Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ringo Horns In – Schedule in Jeopardy

As reported yesterday, Ringo started running like crap and was undrivable. Last evening I got a late start on my car-time because I had to fix a PC. I pulled all his plugs out and a few were pretty sooty looking. I think the racing carbs that are currently mounted on his engine are too rich. I need to rebuild his original carbs and swap them back in. Anyway, with all the plugs cleaned, re-gapped, and installed, he started right up and idled nicely. Problem solved. I took him for a quick spin around the neighborhood to make sure nothing else was amiss and, other than a slight pull to the left under braking, he ran, stopped, and idled fine. As I was backing into the driveway to reinstall the air cleaner, I noticed the right brake light seemed weak. By connecting the ends of the leads at the brake switch, I had the lights stay on while I inspected. Sure enough, there was a problem. I pulled apart the taillight assembly and then cleaned and reattached the ground wire to the socket. Another problem solved. He’s good-to-go until the plugs need cleaning again.

All that, however, shot my evening, so now I’ve had to adjust the painting schedule. Here it is now:
  • Thu - POR-15 and Tie-Coat Primer Rust Spots
  • Fri - Weld In Valance Patches Grind Patches, Bondo, Sand
  • Sat - Clean, Mask, Spot-Shoot Epoxy Primer, Shoot 2k Primer
  • Sun - Sand Primer, Clean, Shoot Paint and Clearcoat

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