Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Balljoint on Order

With Loriann and Victoria’s help, I confirmed that Lucy’s right lower balljoint is failing. I jacked the front end up and placed jackstands under the lower attachment points of the two front shock absorbers. With the wheels off the ground, they pushed and pulled on the wheel while I watched for relative movement between the spindle and the control arms. When they jiggled the top of the wheel, nothing moved, but when they jiggled the bottom, I saw nearly an eighth of an inch of movement where there should have been none. I went online Monday morning and ordered a replacement from Raffee Corvair Specialist. He confirmed it shipped the same day, so I will have it by the weekend. My plan is to do the install at the upcoming CORSA of Baltimore club meeting on the 24th. The local ‘vair-meister, Gary, has got the perfect tool to do this (relatively massive c-clamp with specialized fittings), so I need to remember to ask him to bring it along. One thing I need to verify is whether I’ll need to re-do my alignment once the joint is installed. Hope not.

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