Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon's Car Time

Sunday afternoon was car time. I moved Old Betty out of the garage so there was room for Lucy. With Mikhaila's help, I reinstalled the passenger door. It went pretty easily using the two drilled holes Victoria and I put before we'd pulled the door off.

Within the last week, Lucy's been leaving quite a large puddle everywhere I park her. I’d believed I’d traced it to a leaky valve cover gasket, so I put in a new one I had the shelf. It seemed to greatly reduce, but not completely eliminate the dripping. L The next most likely cause is dried out pushrod oil drain tube o-rings. This fix requires removal of the exhaust system and partial disassembly of the valve train with subsequent adjustments. It’s about a three hour job if all goes well. I’ll wait and make sure the gasket replacement really doesn’t fix the problem.

After replacing the gasket, I swapped back the right-side carburetor. I’ve been experimenting trying to find the source of a miss at high rpm. I’d put on two rebuilt carbs, but the problem got worse, so by swapping out only one this time, I’m hoping to figure out which carb is the culprit.

Next I decided it was time to tackle the rusty front valance. Thanks to good penetrating oil and my impact guns, I was able to remove the bumper without breaking a bolt. Next, armed with my wire-wheeled equipped grinder, I exposed the extent of the rot. I snapped some before and after pictures of the front valance. It’s pretty bad, so I’ll need to get creative with my welder.

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