Thursday, April 1, 2010

CPotD #76 (Plain Jane)

For LMs, there were three trim levels available, Corsa, Monza, and the lowly 500. Chevrolet had to cut a lot of corners in order to tout their ’66 500 2-door offering as the “lowest priced hardtop in America.” Some of these quotes from their ’66 brochure are rather telling: “… frugal tendencies stem from its power plant,” “… pinch-penny to drive,” and “ideal way to have a ball on a budget.” Unfortunately, it’s this stripped-down reputation that doomed many a 500 to a shortened life as a parts-car for the restoration of a up-scale Corsa or Monza.

There, are, however, a number of survivors with owners who appreciate the absence of excesses. Today’s CPotD is of a beautiful LM 500. From its poverty hubcaps to its fawn vinyl benchseats, this car is clean.

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