Thursday, April 15, 2010

CPotD #85 (More Four Doors)

I just received my April issue of the CORSA Communiqué, the magazine of the national Corvair club. Publishing this monthly missive takes a large portion of the club’s budget. There’s a lot of talk in the online Corvair community about whether continuing this publication in its current form and frequency is a good idea. As of a year or so ago, CORSA made the Communiqué available online to members in addition to the hardcopy delivered to our doorstep. Many have recommended that it go electronic only. Others think changing it to a quarterly is the way to go. My opportunities to read anything for pleasure are few and far between, and I’m rarely in front of a PC when it does. So I’m pushing for them to keep the tree-killing version coming twelve times a year.

Today’s CPotD of a beautiful silver-blue ’64 Monza is this month’s front cover. I was talking with Victoria last evening about Mikhaila latest decision to make a Corvair truck our father-daughter project instead of an EM 4-door. I confessed I was slightly disappointed since I really wanted an EM 4-door in the fleet again. To me, all the 2-doors we have are sporty and that’s great, but it would nice to have at least one 4-door to lend some class to the driveway. I don’t think a Rampside can be considered classy.

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