Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CPotD #78 (Tuesday Must Mean More Track Cars)

Whenever I have today’s CPotD as the wallpaper for my work PC, I get plenty of “Unsafe at Any Speed” comments from alert passer-bys. The conversation quickly turns into how much fun I have driving my EM on the track.

The above photo shows four different levels of track preparation. The car on the left is a fairly stock ’64 4-door sedan – yes, a 4-door! I’m sure this car will appear by itself in a future Trackday Tuesday CPotD. The white car has had some obvious mods like the front spoiler and full roll-cage, and some not-so-obvious changes like the fuel cell mounted in the trunk. It was featured in a past CPotD. The orange car has quite a history. It is the Bill Thomas/Doug Roe 1960 coupe, and was the first serious Corvair race car. Read about it here and here. Finally, the black ’64 Spyder, also in a previous CPotD, employs some period-correct speed equipment which, in addition to making it very fast, provides a cool glimpse into the aftermarket technology of the late-60s.

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