Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CPotD #83 (The Pits are NOT the Pits)

Yeah. It’s another Track Day Tuesday! Today’s CPotD reminds me that May 3rd is less than three weeks away. Hold it. Less than three weeks away? CRAP. Lucy’s not ready. I’ve still got stuff on my to-do list. Oh well, time to get even more serious.

Back to the CPotD. While spending as much time on the track is my aim for any track day, the time spent in the pits before, during, and after the event is also memorable. The guys (and sometime gals) that run at these events are so friendly, and I don’t get to experience this level of camaraderie anywhere else. The image above was taken at last year's Walter Mitty challenge at Road Atlanta. The Corvair contingency was well represented. This event is not a time-trial – these guys go side-by-side (and sometimes side-into-side) racing with all different sorts of racecars. While I admire their skills at going wheel-to-wheel, I’m going to limit my racing to my Playstation3.

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