Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time for the Alternator Swap?

Last night Lucy’s generator light came on while I was driving to pick up Mikhaila. I pulled over to make sure the fanbelt hadn’t come off – it hadn’t – or a wire had come loose – nothing amiss there either. The only other things that could go wrong are the voltage regulator or the generator itself. Neither of which I could diagnose or repair on the side of I-70, but either of which could mean I was running on the battery alone. I continued on and was able to complete my travels. A quick check of the output of the generator verified it was the culprit. 1.68 volts is not enough to charge a battery. The rest of the day was booked with church stuff, so Lucy is out of commission until I get a free evening.

I’m thinking that rather than just replace the generator with a GUP off the shelf, I’m going to go ahead and do the alternator swap. I’ve got all the parts, and now I’ve got the excuse.

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